Paper 1 Topic

For my paper, I would like to continue to investigate the impact both shareholders and stakeholders had on the Nike’s change of ethical attitude. I want to explore the timing of incidents where stakeholders and shareholders and significant or miniscule impacts on Nike’s public actions. I also want to understand who Nike followed more, stakeholders or the media’s light towards the “evil” Nike.


3 thoughts on “Paper 1 Topic

  1. I like your idea of delving into case and looking more carefully at the sequence of events to determine, as best we can, what the motivation might have been.

    I am unsure what “media’s light towards the evil Nike” means. DO you mean if the media was unfairly portraying Nike? Who controls the media? Anyone? Or, is it an arena of contest and competition? Developing your won ideas about the relationship between stakeholders, a firm (NIke) and the media would be interesting to do.

  2. Would it make sense if I said that the reaction of Nike becoming more ethically sound would be debating between their profits going down (creating shareholder upset) or the media causing damage to their brand (the stakeholder’s in control of the media?)

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