Paper 1 – Stakeholders, Shareholders and Apple

As a big Apple fan, I’m most interested in exploring the stakeholder/shareholder debate as it applies to Apple. Part of what makes the brand so unique is its large and loyal fan base, and in many ways this following has helped shape our perception of the company. But has Apple been catering to its fans? Or its shareholders? How have they been balancing the two? How have their decisions, whether ethical or unethical, influenced our perceptions of the brand? Could Apple be purposely misleading us to believe that they are a “good,” ethical company?

1 thought on “Paper 1 – Stakeholders, Shareholders and Apple

  1. What is the gain from purposefully misleading consumers?

    Why do people assume a successfully company in terms of products is successful in every dimension? At this point, is Apple devotion actually due to the quality of the products, or is it as much a function of their fans going ga ga over new product. I mean, is the love actually about the products, or is it due to the fact that everyone you know loves the Apple brand?

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