Paper 1 on Apple

For the first paper, I would like to look into the strength of the Apple brand. Apple has not always been a leading name in innovation, I want to explore how the role of both shareholders and stakeholders impacted Apples transformation.  How have ethical and /or non-ethical decisions impacted the brands image? Has Apple continuously been able to appeal to the share and stakeholders and how has that impacted the overall brand name?

One thought on “Paper 1 on Apple

  1. In fact, Apple has pretty much ALWAYS been known as an innovator. Why do you think otherwise? I do think the role of the brand and how it is a site of emotion and judgement by many stakeholders is interesting. Has Apple ALWAYS manufactured overseas? If it is so innovative in design and business model (itunes, iphone) why does it seem to be a laggard in managing supply chains or CSR? You may want to look more at the extra resource on shareholder managing by Freeman for some ideas on the stakeholder side.

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