Paper 1: Nike

For Paper 1, my topic will be Nike. I’d like to form my thesis around the identity of Nike – Phil Knight and how it began, the stakeholder vs. shareholder debate, its marketing strategy, its shaking off of the brutal working conditions in the factories, and so on. All in all, by addressing these subtopics I hope to identify who Nike is as a company, how they are perceived, and all in all what their responsibilities are as the major athletic apparel/sportswear company in the world today.

One thought on “Paper 1: Nike

  1. Do their responsibilities change as they go from a start up in late 1970s into a global corporation in the 1990s? Why might they (or why not?)

    You suggest there is a “true Nike” out there in the historical record that you can identify. Maybe. Maybe as a company it is very different in one period compared to another.

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