Paper 1 Idea

As an idea, I’m curious about the recent news of the facebook stocks on a steady decline. I’d like to explore the recent “Tech bubble” in social media, Zuckerberg’s future with facebook, and the differences with the company now that it’s public. Will Facebook be successful by continuing to support it’s users, or should Facebook justly focus on appeasing its shareholders. Despite what he says, Zuckerberg seems to value his users with the free-service of facebook rather than prioritizing shareholders’ wealth and revenue. Will Zuckerberg ever be fired? Will he then be compared to Steve Jobs, whom was fired from Apple at age 30? This dilemma is an example of shareholders vs stakeholders.

Check out this excerpt from the article, in which former Apple CEO John Sculley says, 

“I’ve heard from people who have read the book Walter Isaacson cleared up some of the myths – that I never really did fire Steve Jobs and that Apple was actually a very profitable company,” Sculley told the BBC. “So the myth that I fired Steve wasn’t true and the myth that I destroyed Apple, that wasn’t true either.”

Sculley claims Apple was the most profitable computer company in the world at the time, with $2 billion of cash.

The major point of contention between the two men boiled down to marketing and pricing of the Apple II and Macintosh. “He wanted to cut the price of the Macintosh and I wanted to focus on the Apple II because we were a public company,” said Sculley.


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