Paper 1 Idea

For my first paper I think I want to do something involving Enron, and corporate responsibility, as well as corporate fraud. I think Enron itself is such an interesting and complex case that can be more deeply explored than what was just in the case. I want to view the case by trying to identify all of the parties who were to blame, and try and identify what their motives were and how they treated both their stakeholders and shareholders. This mindset of everyone involved is interesting because it dives into the question of nature versus nurture. Had Enron created a toxic environment or were there simply a couple of bad apples who ruined everything. By trying to understand all parties motives I think that at least part of this question can be tackled.


One thought on “Paper 1 Idea

  1. I think this is going to be very interesting paper topic. While I feel like I have a general idea of the problems and issues in the Enron case, im curious to see what it looks like from both shareholder and stakeholder ethics. Is it possible that it was neither?

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