Ethics Alarm, Issues Unknown

The blog I found and chose to follow is called Ethics Alarms. This is a very interesting blog because it incorporates all sorts of ethical issues going on globally that most of us I presume have not heard anything about. From sports issues like Lance Armstrong to corporate issues like Dominoes packaging scheme. It brings attention current ethical stories and events that may go unnoticed by the mainstream news we hear about everyday. A recent post the Ethics Alarm blog covered that I found very interesting was concerning statements made by elected government officials. The one that won me over in following this blog was a letter written by a Maryland State Delegate Emmett Burns who opposes same sex marriages. Recently a Baltimore Ravens football player publicly endorsed same sex marriages. Burns wrote a letter to he owner of the Ravens in response. “He tells the owner of a business in the state that it is necessary for him to inhibit the expressions of his employee and that he mustbe ordered to cease and desist expressing his views on a matter of cultural and social policy as well as civil rights”  This is an official letter to the owner that Burns sends.

I have to admit that I am from Maryland and knowing that a representative of the state is this terribly incompetent is embarrassing. Lets completely disregard the issue of same sex marriage here for a minute. A delegate is basically telling an owner of an organization that he has to stop his employees from using their First Amendment right of free speech. What? How is this reaction by Burns even in his thought process? He mentions multiple times that he is a fan of the Ravens in the letter and then continues to tell the owner he should silence the player. It is totally preposterous that a state delegate would be so absent minded to do something like this.

In a later post, Ethics Alarms blogs about another NFL player’s response to the letter. The post is titled an ethical hero. It is actually hilarious to see what the player writes to Burns in an online open letter. Check this out if interested.


3 thoughts on “Ethics Alarm, Issues Unknown

  1. Ronjohn, nice post. I’ve been following this story, i saw it in Barstool. The Vikings kicker’s letter is absolutely hilarious. I agree, I think that Burns is ridiculous – why would he think that he has the right to silence somebody’s opinion on a topic that is extremely controversial? Obviously there are going to be opinions out there that are different than his. And to justify his silly letter by stating that he is a Ravens fans only compounds the stupidity of it all. I am 100% pro gay marriage but the roles could have been reversed in this situation in terms of stance and Burns still would have been an idiot in my opinion.

  2. I really like that the blog you found questions the intelligence of our lawmakers. Sure, some (maybe even the majority…but let’s not push it) are really brilliant, and have helped our country evolve. But I’m totally with you when you say that you’re embarrassed that such an ignorant man represents your state. I’m not from Maryland, but I’m equally ashamed/concerned that this close-minded man is a member of our government. I applaud the player who stood up to Burns. If Burns really is such a huge fan of the Ravens, then I hope that the player’s response hit him hard. Maybe it won’t change his mind on the topic, but it might make him think more about what he says next time, and maybe to be more considerate.

  3. Wow. I completely agree with you, Mike, and Valerie. I can’t believe that someone in his position would make such a preposterous statement that blatantly goes against the right of free speech. The fact that he tried to justify his comments was just as absurd as the comments themselves. I checked out the blog and I love that it incorporates ethical issues from multiple realms of society. Definitely a blog I could see myself following and checking out from time to time.

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