Chicago Public Schools on Strike

News about the Chicago Public School Union strikes have been blowing up my Facebook News Feed all week.  Curious to learn more about the issue I found this blog that discusses exactly what is occurring back home.

The president of the Chicago Teachers Union, Karen Lewis, mentions that “There’s been – let’s put it this way – centimeters (of progress) and we’re still kilometers apart.”  I hate to beak it to you Karen, but it looks like centimeters is all you’re going to get.

It is going to be difficult for unions to make their case since it will be hard to generate sympathy from the public.  Their strike comes at a time of economic crisis- in the private sector people are losing their jobs, homes, etc.  Chicago public school teachers were already offered a 16% increase in salary over the next 4 years, which they rejected.  I’m sure someone that just lost their job would definitely have taken that offer.

And when you look at the facts, Chicago public school teachers don’t have it that bad:

-On average, Chicago public school teachers earn $76K + benefits, which is the highest in the country.

-Chicago public school teachers have the shortest school day in the country (which they were very against the idea of lengthening by 20 minutes).

-They only work 9 months of the year.

And do you know what bothers me even more than the strikes? Mob mentality…  I’m talking to you my past teachers of Lake Forest High School!  You work in Lake Forest, the polar opposite of Chicago.  You are the highest paid teachers in all of Lake County, and the third in Illinois.  I can come to understand the public school teachers in the inner city striking, but what could you possibly be complaining about?  Just look at how ridiculous you look in this video


3 thoughts on “Chicago Public Schools on Strike

  1. Excellent point! I think this very much depends on the area, but it seems like Chicago area school teachers don’t have it too bad. Maybe a change of scenery would help them appreciate the opportunities they benefit from. Maybe a trip to the south side is in order?

  2. If you paid an average LFHS teacher to come to your home and teach you individually for 7 hours. You would have to pay them $102.27 dollars an hour.

    Avg 2011 salary, 101k (
    Hours worked 1320 (165 school says * 8 hours)
    Compensation for the time it takes to drive to your house, gas, and miles on car. (I just added 2 extra hours of work on then divided by the 7 hours they are actually in your home and you are paying them.)

    Does this sound reasonable?

  3. Very cool blog to follow. I did not know about the teacher strikes in Chicago. I totally agree with you on the ridiculousness of this strike. 76 k + benefits, a 16% increase in salary, and not to mention just outside Chicago? I may rethink my major and career aspirations with this pay. That is an amazing for a public school teacher from my understanding of how much teachers usually make. I have never heard of that kind of salary for a teacher. I don’t really understand what else they could want. I would gladly become a gym teacher with that kind of pay scheme.

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