Brand Fluency

When I began looking for an interesting blog, I immediately knew I wanted to explore something within the marketing realm.  Originally, I tried to look for blogs that cover consumer behavior and market analysis.  Unable to find anything that caught my eye, however, I shifted my focus to branding and advertising.  Using the topics search, I soon found this blog, which discusses the need for companies to truly globalize their brands.  After taking Principles of Marketing last year, I found it interesting to think about the differences we had discussed between global and multinational companies.  Although the blog does not specifically mention the need to globalize all aspects of the business (I wonder if it believes the same thing is true of R&D, production, etc.) it does suggest that companies can no longer succeed by remaining multinational companies who try to just throw a “localized” campaign into a foreign market.  Instead,they need to go completely global when entering foreign markets by completely adjusting their campaigns to fit the market.  Companies now need to go “outright native” by fully adopting the preferences of the country in which they wish to extend their brand.  Using Google and Yahoo! as examples of major corporations whose global branding majorly failed, the blog says that large corporations need to tailor their businesses even further to foreign companies in order to remain successful.  I wonder how true this blog’s opinion will turn out to be.


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