Brand Exceptionalism in Relation to BGS

I stumbled upon a blog comment called “The end of brand exceptionalism?” on a blog titled ideationz…a blog from rick s. pulito. As someone very interested in brand management and marketing, I always find interest in linking my not-necessarily-marketing-specific readings to my more favored subjects. This particular article shared some common threads with the cases that we have recently analyzed in BGS. The author forms one strong connection when he claims, “It’s about being ‘liked’ and that means that your brand has to make others feel ‘liked’ as a result of associating with you.” I immediately related this idea to the Apple “case study” and the TAL videos. Certainly, the recent Foxconn scandal may cause concern among socially-conscious customers, but Apple nevertheless expects to sell 10 million iPhone 5s by the end of September. Customers favor Apple products for the same reasons that analysts marvel at it’s success – the “cool” factor. But at what point does success overshadow ethics?

4 thoughts on “Brand Exceptionalism in Relation to BGS

  1. See I think this is a perception probably. I think most people view Apple as an ethical company. I think this is the main disconnect between perception and reality. Most people as being “cool”, “innovative” and “good”, like a pal versus a corporation.

  2. Agree with Foster, in that the general population will either view Apple as ethical, or not care about it’s ethics. The average consumer tends to care more about the product and brand than the operations in which it was manufactured. Therefore sales will still be “successful,” despite speculation about the manufacturing roots.

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