For my paper I want to look more into the Shareholder and Stakeholder theories and how they pertain to Apple.  I think Apple is a very good company to look at in terms of these theories because of their popularity right now.  I personally am the most invested in the Apple company, more so than in Nike or Enron.  I found myself very engrossed in both of the Podcasts we listened to about Apple, probably because I am an Apple product fan.  I think that it would be extremely to compare the ethics of the company or producer, and also the ethics we face as consumers.  Because Apple is such a huge name brand and has a wide and strong grasp on a customer base, it is hard to blame Apple for any unethical claims – but does that mean they are not at fault?  Does it mean the consumers are at fault?

2 thoughts on “Ahpull

  1. Why does its popularity make it any more or less likely to engage in ethical behavior? Who defines ethics?

    The idea of the relative “fault’ of the consumer and Apple may be a place to bring in Mills’ idea of sociological imagination.

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