Understanding the Future of Digital Humans

Over the past few weeks I have found myself discussing Apple, Foxconn, and technology in multiple classes and even outside of the classroom. I wanted to see what was out in the blogosphere regarding innovation to see if anything caught my eye. I came across this blog by Francesco Lapenta who will be giving a keynote speech at an Internet Safety conference in Budapest this October. I found that my personal views on social media and technology aligned with Lapenta’s and also felt his post was intriguing.

The post discusses how over the past few decades the distinction between humans, our environment, and our technology has become extremely skewed and blurred. There are obvious benefits from technology that can be seen in all facets of life; medicine, finance, education, etc. Technology is simultaneously reducing our abilities as a society to maintain necessary levels of human interaction. I think what we need to focus on is how to recognize the blurring of the lines and use it to our advantage. What good can come of synchronizing our entire world with technology?

He mentions briefly at the end of his post that in order to understand this ongoing technological evolution we must look back and develop an understanding of history. How can we look back on technological history and utilize what we know to avoid making mistakes in the future? Technological growth is exponential and our attachment to our technology (i.e. Apple products) already exceeds the definition of dependent. Do I think we’re going to end up in an iRobot world being ruled by machines? No. But I honestly do believe there are some scary consequences that could arise in the near future if we don’t develop good judgement, a sense of history, and a sense of purpose as Lapenta states.

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