Paper One Outline

Exploring the tension between Shareholder ethics and capitalism and Stakeholder ethics and capitalism using the Nike Case.

  • Main point- According to actions of Phil Knight as read in the Nike case and through the Phil Knight confronted video, he holds the beliefs of Milton Friedman and the shareholder value theory. His social responsibility is to increase profits without breaking the law and without deception or fraud.
    • Overview of the Nike case first
    • Discussion of why Knight’s management practices are of those described in the shareholder theory rather than stakeholder theory
      • Suffering workers. James Keady quote “I don’t want to be a billboard for a company that would do these things.”
      • Distinction of the two Freeman and Friedman beliefs
  • Utilitarianism and business ethics article discussion as it pertains to the Nike case
  • Phil Knight Confronted Video discussion and how it relates further to shareholder and unethical behavior.
    • Phil turning Moore down for a free ticket to India
    • Sending workers to Indonesia when thousands in Flint needs jobs
    • Hesitating to give money to a school as a donation.
  • Wrap up Nike and Shareholder Theory

2 thoughts on “Paper One Outline

  1. How relevant is the donation for displaying shareholder or stakeholder management? What would Milton say about that decision?

    2) Workers are not sent to Indonesia. THey are already there.
    3) I’m unclear why you organize in this order.

    • Sorry that was supposed to say sending work to Indonesia not sending workers! I’m confused by your question about what the donation is for displaying shareholder or stakeholder management. I outline my papers in an outline-like format. I will gladly change it if it’s too confusing. Just let me know!

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