Chicago Public Schools

As a Chicago native, I could not ignore the opportunity to explore blogs on the current teachers’ union strike.      Karen Lewis (CTU president) has stated that one of their main points of contention with the current system, is the evaluation system.  This is RIDICULOUS!

Chicago public teachers on average earn $76K + benefits– the highest in the country.


High school graduation rates have dropped to 50%. 


And now the CPU wants to negotiate accountability out of their contracts?

I completely understand that motivating kids to care about learning and care about there education is a very difficult task– especially in gang ridden Chicago.  But I don’t think lowering standards of test scores or eliminating the teacher evaluation system is the answer to this problem. The only other profession that I can think of that still gets paid no matter the quality of their work is a meteorologist.  You have to earn your money, produce results.  If the quality of students education is not the basis of a teacher’s pay, then what is incentivising them to care?  What is the motive for them to improve?


One thought on “Chicago Public Schools

  1. How real businesses handle expensive employees…

    Michael Scott: Excuse me. Mr Wallace? David Wallace?
    Dwight Schrute: Yes? What is the meaning of this?
    Michael Scott: Can you tell us why you are shutting down Scranton and putting fifteen people out of work?
    Dwight Schrute: Well the branch is no longer financially viable. It’s simple dollars and cents.
    Michael Scott: Yes, but these are employees, sir. These are human beings.
    Dwight Schrute: Listen, Scott, we’re losing money, okay? It’s not a charity, it’s a business. It’s a dying business.
    Michael Scott: Stop it. Stop it. Just– he’s not going to say any of that.
    Dwight Schrute: Well, hell, why not?
    Michael Scott: Because he’d be intimiated. And I just–let’s start again. Just be more scared of me, okay? Don’t touch me this time.

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