Apple as a Religion

Apple Believer: “Apple as a religion—how true. As an avid Apple fan, I am constantly wondering what Apple’s new innovative technology will be created next. Similarly to religion, I associate certain traditions with Apple—sleek interfaces, easy handling and an ever-present cool factor. I am always thinking about the unknowns and the things that Apple keeps so secret. Steve Jobs and the inventive pioneers at Apple are similar to preachers, creating for us, their consumers. They show us what we want before we even know ourselves. In some ways it is like a belief system. I trust whole-heartedly that the next Apple product will be brilliant, inventive and world-changing. I don’t just want that new piece of technology, I need it.

So why is it a problem when you start to think about the Apple religion? Is it right to just blindly believe what we want to believe, and turn our backs to some of the truths about the religion? Religions often involve a set of ethics and values. As an Apple consumer, I would hope that Apple holds themselves to high ethical standards. But do they?”

Daisey: “Shenzhen is a city of history”


4 thoughts on “Apple as a Religion

  1. I do think it is interesting to think about how Apple is truly a religion. Furthermore, its worshippers do tend to look the other way and ignore the uglier side of the company. I think that sense of denial is picked up accurately in your post.

  2. I think your second paragraph is very interesting in your connection between Apple and religion. Apple definitely has a sort of religion among its devoted users. As you admitted yourself, I am also an avid Apple fan. I definitely find myself torn between turning my back on this information or letting it hurt my belief in the “Apple religion.”

  3. I really like your elaboration and interpretation of Apple as religion. It’s definitely interesting to point out that yes, us Apple enthusiasts do tend to resist questioning the brand and instead are quick to sing their praises. While I have been focusing more upon Daisey’s dishonesty in my blog posts, it’s nice to hear a perspective that take a totally different look at the situation.

  4. Do you have a religion in mind?

    “Similarly to religion, I associate certain traditions with Apple—sleek interfaces, easy handling and an ever-present cool factor.”

    Because that is a religion I am interested in hearing about.

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