What would Cathy say?

As Student Listener:

You had me Daisey.  I listened and was moved.  I felt disappointment in a company that I admire and started to question myself as an Apple consumer.  I was captivated and enraged.  While thinking about all of the lies you’ve told, my thoughts kept returning to Cathy.  Cathy, your second-hand man during your time in Shenzen who was always by your side, who experienced all of the heartfelt moments you had – would she understand the lies you told?  Does she know about your story?  Is her name really Cathy?

When people started realizing your story was fabricated, the first person they wanted to talk to was Cathy.  They asked you for her contact information and you lied.  You said you didn’t have her phone number and that you changed her name to protect her.  But that was a lie, wasn’t it?  You hid her as long as you could because you knew that if she was found, you’d be ratted out.  You’d be seen as a liar, and your “moving story” would be one story told lie.  It turned out that Cathy was easy to find, she didn’t know she was quoted in your story, she didn’t know you had made a story, and she sat with reporters and told the truth.  The truth being that you lied.  The one person who was there with you said many encounters didn’t happen, so as a listener it seems like nothing did.  Your credibility is ruined.

You fooled me Daisey, I was moved, and I was lied to.  You should be embarrassed.


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