Ira’s Interruption

“And as we’re driving, we’re passing by arcology after arcology, these immense buildings that are so large they are redefining my sense of scale moment by moment, and then our taxi driver takes an exit ramp, and he stops.  Because the exit ramp stops. In mid-air.  There’s some rebar sticking out…and an eighty-five foot drop to the ground.  The only sign that the exit ramp ends is a single, solitary, orange cone.  It’s sitting there, as if to say,  “We’re busy…? Be alert…?” We back back onto the expressway and begin to drive again, and then Cathy turns to me, pushes up her glasses, and says, “Excuse me, but I do not think this is going to work.”

Ira Glass: An expressway that ends 85 feet in the air with a single orange cone as the sole indicator?! How could we not have realized that Mike Daisey’s story reeked of theatrical embellishments and exaggerations?  The scene he describes is straight out of a Hollywood movie, complete with the newfound doubt that Cathy expressed after the nearly traumatic setback.  Could this moment have been any more clichéd??…Of course it could, because like every cinematic and theatrical protagonist, Daisey was able to overcome this momentary pang of doubt with the desire to go on — the desire to see what lay ahead on his “incredible” journey. Wow, we really fell for this?? Boy do I wish that was the only Daisey Lie that escaped us…


3 thoughts on “Ira’s Interruption

  1. I think you did a good job of giving Ira Glass a voice. It is someone self-blaming, admitting that he should have realized the embellishments, as well as blaming Daisey. So true that it seems like a scene out of a Hollywood movie. You did a good job of highlighting one seemingly non-influential fact that Daisey did not even need to lie about.

  2. This is so interesting to point out. Daisy is so good, I didn’t even notice the theatrics he inserted in between dialogues. Illuminating the fact that it is indeed in this monologue, proves the point of fabrications. I’m surprised Ira Glass didn’t actually pick this up from the start.

  3. I think you did a really good job of “getting into Ira’s head” for lack of a better term. Also, a lot of what you expressed was definitely running through my head when I first heard this portion of the podcast. Of course at that point I still believed Mike Daisey to be a completely credible source. So, even though I thought it was more than weird that a highway can stop in midair (never even heard of that happening before…) I was quick to accept it because I believed in his credibility. I think that Ira initially did too, and while it would have been nice if TAL caught Daisey’s lies and never aired the show, I think that Daisey is ultimately to blame.

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