Ira’s Chance Before Running the Monologue

Written as Ira Glass. An interruption that would have saved him from having to apologize to his listeners on the retraction. 

Mr. Daisey let me stop you for a second before you continue. I would like to run this story on my show “This American Life” but first I need to clear up some of the doubts I have in your story. First of all, I want to get in touch with your translator Cathy. Would she agree with all of the points of your story? And I mean all of the details of your story. You are depicting this story as if it true journalism and I am not sure it is. So you are telling that you were in a cab and came to a road with no end? The highway just stopped? I understand that China is not as developed as the United States but I find it hard to believe Apple would use a manufacturer of their most high tech products that is off of some deserted road. Why would Apple’s management decide on a plant that they have to inconvenience themselves to get to when checking on the manufacturing of their products? Secondly, before listening to you I did research of my own on some of China’s policies. Do you know anything about gun laws in China? Obviously not. Also                 you say you talked to multiple workers that were ages of 11, 12, 13, and 14. Would Cathy be able to confirm this? Because I have a hard time believing that among the few interviews you had with workers that you came in to contact with this many underage workers when it is extremely prohibited. 

Your story is very entertaining I give you that. Myself as well as most of the audience I presume feel differently about Apple now. It seems that your motivation in this piece is to paint a bad picture for many of the company’s we value so dearly. But let me make you think about this before you continue. If this story gets published and becomes a topic in the news, what do you think Apple and other reporters will do? They will check out your story on their own. They will investigate all of the pieces of information you are now revealing to the audience. And they will most likely be more in depth in there research than you. Are you willing to stand by all you have told the audience? Because if it comes out that any parts of your story are wrong, misleading, or incorrect you will most likely be creating the opposite effect you are trying to create now. Apple will be able to prove you are wrong in what you found, and the people that believed you at first will most likely be more loyal to Apple than they ever were. Hence, your persuasive act will be in Apple’s benefit. Not to mention your career being totally destroyed. Think about this before continuing.


2 thoughts on “Ira’s Chance Before Running the Monologue

  1. This would have been a pretty reasonable reaction to Daisy’s performance. I know that Glass trusted that Daisy was telling the truth, but isn’t a journalist’s duty to investigate these supposed truths? This is interruption is exactly what Glass should have done before inviting Daisy on the show.

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