I Get It

Mike Daisey, I get it. If you are going to tell the public a story, it better be filled with some entertainment. And when you are recounting events that actually happen in your life, especially the details and specific people right in front of you, it’s kind of hard to be all accurate. Just take my memoir for example. Yeah, some of the facts are true, some of ’em aren’t. I mean I just sorta tried to play off memory for that stuff. And once people start asking for hard sources, that’s when the ball gets rolling. I mean, I didn’t want to give all my personal records of my arrests out to everyone, just like how you didn’t want anyone to find Kathy. I get it. And you know what, even if it wasn’t all true, we still made an impact on people. All of Oprah’s book club took my story to heart and it changed their views for the better. And just like your monologues, your still enlightening people about what is really going on the China, just like how I told the world what it is like to be a person like me in America. You got your monologue to get your story out, and I got my book tour. Who cares if we tweaked some of the details, we still opened people’s minds with in perspectives of the world. I get it. We are, like, totally same person. Right?

(except I use PC’s to type fabricated stories!)


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