Hold up, Wait a Minute

Apple User/ Listener:  Mr. Daisey, I have but one question for you: what happened next, as soon as you stepped off the plane and through your front door? You forgot to mention that now, after your trip to Shenzhen, you can never use another Apple product again- that every time you look into the black, perfectly smooth screen of your iPhone, reflected is the agony on the faces of the young workers that you met- that every time you put in your ear buds of your iPod you hear their stories.  You forgot to mention that you use to be an “Apple aficionado” because you were so shocked by what you saw.  And don’t you think that is a little odd?

And yes, that is odd.  Something just isn’t adding up.  The fact of the matter is that I don’t believe a single word that falls from mouth.  If Foxconn were really as bad as you allude to, I would think that you would never want to touch an Apple product again.  But that is not the case, which makes me question almost every little thing that you say, well except for the fact that you were wearing a Hawaiian Shirt- now that I believe.


3 thoughts on “Hold up, Wait a Minute

  1. I loved the first part of your interruption. In Daisey’s monolog, you could hear the horror and disgust in his voice. Since he sounded so upset, you would think that his love for Apple would end. How could he still use his Ipad after he saw that man poisoned by Hexane? His continued use of Apple products definitely discredits his monolog.

  2. I like the spin that this interruption has. It flips everything right back around at Daisey, asking the question of what has he done? Has he changed his habits at all after finding out the “truth”? Or is writing and performing this monologue enough to fix the problem?

  3. Which matters more?
    A) Mike Daisey stops using Apple products?
    B) Mike Daisey inspires 1,000 people to call or write to Apple and ask them to certify that their products are made in safe conditions no different than they would be if made in the US, Japan, or Europe?

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