From the mind of Mike Daisey

“But I do know that in my first two hours of my first day at that gate, I met workers who were fourteen years old, I met workers who were thirteen years old, I met workers who were twelve.  Do you really think Apple doesn’t know?”….


How am I convincing myself that this audience doesn’t know about ME?  Do these people know that I am making this up, that I’m a fraud? Was the 16 year-old I ACTUALLY met not young enough to shock these people?  Why did I have to keep pushing the limit?  Maybe if I just tone down the monologue I can get away with it until the end the tour sooner?


“In a company obsessed with the details, with the aluminum being milled just so, with the glass being fitted perfectly into the case, do you really think it’s credible that they don’t know?”….


Why am I criticizing Apple for not caring about the details in this case when I barely did in “reporting” on it! I should be obsessed with details.  I’m pretending to be a journalist for god’s sakes!  But, I’m not a journalist.  This is art, this is theatre! Is all the work I did going to be for naught when the truth comes out? I know this isn’t 100% truthful but at least I went over there, at least I saw the workers and saw the suicide nets.  Am I just justifying the betrayal of my audiences?  Do I come clean now or wait until the truth comes out.  Oh no, what have I gotten myself into….


4 thoughts on “From the mind of Mike Daisey

  1. I think these are both very interesting thoughts. I wonder if he really did feel guilty about fudging the numbers and did it almost unwillingly, or if he knew very well that his story was exaggerated and decided that a performance is not a performance without a big finish. Maybe this whole “ending” of his – being accused to exaggerating the numbers, making headlines, being mentioned on TAL TWICE was the big finish to his story. For an actor or performer, a show can become your life (like in Black Swan) – maybe he needed a big flashy ending in reality too.

  2. What a cool idea for an interruption! These thoughts must have been going through Daisy’s head even a little bit. I wonder if he ever got to the point where he convinced himself that his lies were the truth. We certainly know from the retraction segment on TAL that he believes the lies were justified.

  3. Really liked this post Michael. Excellent idea. It’s really interesting to think about reactions from a multiplicity of perspectives, especially this one. What was going on his head? I wonder if he actually cared or was concerned about lying at all. Perhaps he thought the specific details were irrelevant. Or as the poster above said, maybe he is a pathological liar?

  4. Love this idea for an interruption, very inventive. It would be interesting to see how it played out onstage, but if it were done effectively, it would provide some excellent theoretical insight into Mr. Daisey’s head. Of course, that assumes he felt guilty for lying in the first place, instead of just regretting getting found out…

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