Daisy, Behind the Madness

Letter written to Steve Jobs from Mike Daisy


As you are a brilliant, analytical man, I’d like to show you my mind before you jump to conclusions of myself as a person and professional. My motives were purely based on the end, and sacrificed your company’s reputation as the means. I’ve been obsessed with technology my whole life, so naturally hooked into Apple as well. Yes, I use and love my Apple products. It’s impossible to dislike Apple, and your company holds the consumer technology market at its mighty fingertips. And with all that glory, comes media attention, competition, and responsibility. Apple, rated the number one company in the USA, will always be under the nation’s microscope, alike any other super valuable asset to this world.

We both know that business ethics, at the expense of both humans and the environment, is an ever growing problem in this modern industrial day and age. Whether Apple is innocent or guilty, there will always be a spotlight shined upon it. As a journalist and entertainer, I found a way to best use my resources in order to shift the spot light to a business ethical issue at hand. I’m sorry that your company was the stepping stone, but Apple will live. The future will be better because of it. RIP. 



3 thoughts on “Daisy, Behind the Madness

  1. This interruption is really interesting to me since my interruption was from the perspective of Steve Jobs. Although our characters have different points of views, I do understand where Mike was coming from by creating this whole story. It’s still strange to me that he would even go to such lengths in the first place to cast such a negative light on Apple when he seemed like such an apple fanatic in the beginning of the podcast. I don’t think he meant to intentionally destroy Apple, but his story would have been more plausible to listeners if his story didn’t end up being investigated and he didn’t get caught in a series of lies.

  2. Knowing the little bit about Steve Jobs that I do, I do not think he would like Mike Daisey. He would probably despise him. I think that your letter is interesting, though, becasue it portrays the human and reasonable to Daisey that you don’t see from him as a performer or liar.

  3. “I’m sorry that your company was the stepping stone, but Apple will live.”

    Very true! When you put it that way, I can kind of understand where Mike Daisey is coming from. Apple is a strong enough company where something like his monologue will not cause much damage in the long run. His monologue created dialogue which I think was the point. We all realize that Apple is just one of the many companies at fault. Using Apple was just a good way to get people to listen.

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