Apple User Interruption

Apple user: “Time out! Hold on just a second.  Are you really telling me that my beloved Apple products are assembled by underpaid, overworked, and sometimes even underage workers? This is horrifying! Like me, most Apple users live, breathe, and work on Apple products.  If they knew where they were coming from, they would think twice about buying them! Not only are the workers treated badly, but they’re also at risk for their lives. Using poisonous materials and allowing for explosion prone workplaces is simply unacceptable!

How is this information just being released now?  Either people are just oblivious or Apple has done a pretty good job of covering it up! If you think about it, they’re basically professionals about being secretive, as they are with pretty much everything that has to do with the company and their products.  Apple was probably completely aware of the sweatshop working conditions at the Foxconn factory and other factories, but if that’s what it takes to make a large profit, then of course they’re going to do it.  The cheaper they can find labor and supplies, the larger their profit margin for each product sold.  I’m disappointed in you Apple… I guess you’re not the wonderful company everyone thinks you are!”


One thought on “Apple User Interruption

  1. Well done- I can really relate to the “character” voice you are using. This interruption sums up well the overall reactions that most people initially have to Mike Daisey’s monologue.

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