Apple Interuption

Dedicated Apple Consumer: I’m using my Apple MacBook Pro right now, and I feel sick to my stomach. Whose fault is that? Yours Mike, yours. What gave you the right to trash Apple and the way they make their products? Why did you do it? Was it for personal gain or was it to better society? Either way, there are plenty of other computer hardware companies that outsource their manufacturing. Why did you pick on Apple? Why not Samsung? I don’t have nearly as much of a relationship with Samsung as I do Apple. Now whenever I use my iPhone, I will always have thoughts of FoxConn workers committing suicide and teenagers working with N Hexane to the point where their hands can no longer function.

And what ticks me off the most, is that none of it was completely true! Mike, Apple took care of the N Hexane problem long ago and the FoxConn plants don’t use it anymore. For you to say FoxConn employees were killing themselves because it was such torture to assemble my sleek iPhone is also questionable at best. Who’s to say these suicides weren’t statistically normal as far as the suicide rate is concerned? Sure, I’m more aware now, but you tricked me. I think I’d rather just stay ignorant about the company I love so much.


5 thoughts on “Apple Interuption

  1. What you said in the first paragraph is completely true. It looks like Apple has become a victim of its own popularity, just as Nike was. And it’s also very likely that an Apple user will get angry about the twisted story that Mike Daisey made up and question the credibility of the actual facts. This is sad because some of the events actually happened and those who really suffers are not Mike Daisey, not Apple, not Apple users but those working at the Apple suppliers’ plants.

  2. It almost sounds like you are the “Dedicated Apple Consumer” here, Alex. I like what you did with this blog. It is interesting to think about whether or not people feel differently about their Apple products after listening to something like Daisey’s monologue. I know I don’t but I could see how many others would and also would be angry that they do feel differently.

  3. Questionable at best is right, Benoit! I really like the way that you brought emotion into your interruption. You really brought a tough as nails approach that I think would be powerful for Mike Daisey to hear. I like that you are describing yourself as a dedicated consumer and not just an apple user because it demonstrates the strong brand loyalty many of us have. Good work!

  4. Interesting to hear the viewpoint of the consumer. I’m curious to see if Apple’s sales had been affected at all by Daisy’s influence. But then again, would any “dedicated Apple consumers” ever stop using or buying Apple products after finding out the “truth” about how the products are manufactured?

  5. I understand your point about having a beloved brand besmirched. Still, is ignorance really better? Doe Daisey’s lies about details erase the big truth?

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