Apple Fanatic vs Mike Daisey

Apple Fanatic: Okay Mike Daisey that is enough, I do not want to hear anymore! My iPhone is my life, my connection to the outside world, my baby. My iPhone and I have been together for years, she would never betray me like this. Sure, she was made in China, but try and find me something that was NOT made overseas. She’s mine now, who cares where she came from or who made her. Who do you think you are? What makes you think you can come in here and tarnish our relationship with your lies!

….I mean, they are lies right? Foxconn cannot be a real place; Foxconn cannot be the place my beloved iPhone was made. Steve Jobs and Apple would never do such a thing. They would never treat workers like that…right? Even if Foxconn is a real place, it has nothing to do with Apple. It CANNOT be Apple…right?


6 thoughts on “Apple Fanatic vs Mike Daisey

  1. This is really interesting! I wouldn’t have thought to write an interruption from an Apple FANATIC point of view who doesn’t believe Mike Daisey because of their loyalty to Apple. I like this spin, it is creative and unique. I am a fan! It goes through the fanatics exact thought process and they seem to slowly doubt their Apple loyalty, very cool.

  2. This is a funny look at what a truly crazed apple fan might claim when facing critical facts of their favorite company. Daisy’s story sort of reminds me of Apple’s 1984 commercial that showed them breaking away from the monotonous factory to be unique… only it seems they are not as good and unique as they made us believe.

  3. This post really showed the first stage of the Kubler Ross Model (The Five Stages of Grief), denial. Apple fanatics, after hearing Mike Daisey’s play, most certainly would refuse to accept his “facts,” information, and the reality of the situation at FoxConn. It also gets at the second stage, anger, with the aggression towards Mike Daisey. Clearly, this person has a serious attachment to his or her Apple products.

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  5. It also reminds me of the Ethical Chic chapter. People kind of assume that cool, beautiful products from silicon valley _must_ be cool enough to embody (ha ha em-body) other values they hold dear. I mean, in rough, unfair but mostly true terms, if Wall Street and Oil are Republican sectors, Silicon Valley and the media industries are the Democrats’, and so, a geek-chic gadget head assumes that the device is green and humanely made.

    In a way, people hope or expect their beloved devices to adhere to Freeman’s responsibility thesis. They do not want their products to be separated from their other values.

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