An Uncharacteristically Bold Intervention-Cathy Lee

An Uncharacteristically Bold Intervention-Cathy Lee

Cathy Lee has saved her money earned from translating for foreigners in her home country, China.  She has always wanted to see The Big Apple, and spontaneously booked a plane ticket to the city.  After arriving at JFK and spending the day exploring Times Square and shopping around, she notices a theatre sign advertising “The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs” performed by Mike Daisey.  Although she works with many Americans, the name rings a bell…how could she forget the big American wearing an even bigger Hawaiian shirt?  After purchasing a ticket and killing some time, she takes her seat in the 5th row.  She notices that Daisey’s monologue is more and more far-fetched as he goes on.  By the time he is finished and the audience is getting up to give him a standing ovation, Cathy is standing for a different reason- she is walking with purpose towards the stage and rather uncharacteristically picks up the mic…

“Excuse me? I’d like to introduce myself- I’m Cathy. Yes, the translator Mr. Daisey repeatedly referenced within the past hour.  While I cannot speak for Apple as a corporation, I can tell you that I never witnessed many of the things that Mr. Daisey just tried to pass on as fact.  [turning to Daisey] What do you think you are doing? How dare you lie at the expense of others, especially me? You’ve unjustly shed China and our whole manufacturing industry in a negative light. Don’t you know that this industry provides jobs for many rural citizens? Don’t you know that unless workers are lying about their age, no one under the legal age is working at Foxconn? Don’t you know that n hexane was banned in the factories? You’re a disappointment to yourself and in my eyes, to American journalism. [turns back to audience] You must be careful who you allow to influence you.  While Daisey’s story contained some fact, it also contained many lies and exaggerations. Perhaps you should reconsider your appreciation for this man and his work.



4 thoughts on “An Uncharacteristically Bold Intervention-Cathy Lee

  1. i like the way you set up this interruption. That would definitely be the perfect interruption during Daisey’s monologue. Nothing would be better than Cathy to actually show up to his performance and see the look on Daisey’s face. Local New Yorkers probably would not take the lying lightly. I can see a mass riot of popcorn throwing thick New York accents running Daisey off stage.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your post. I love that you incorporated Cathy into the New York setting where she was able to sit right in the audience and boldly interrupt Mike. I would love to actually see Mike’s facial expression when he was confronted by Cathy and her anger towards him. I think that if Cathy were actually that bold, she would definitely make the point about how Mike gave China a horrible reputation that could ruin jobs for many workers. Great interruption!

  3. I think that speaking from Cathy’s point of view is extremely vital to unveiling the lies of Mike Daisey. I think you accurately described Cathy’s position, because I think she certainly would avoid making comments about Apple. This is something that really could be utilized in the performance.

  4. I thought that this was a really interesting way of going about it. They touch on it a little in the interview but it is really interesting to think about how Cathy would react to seeing the play. I could definitely imagine her getting angry at the whole situation and wanting to defend her country which is a subtlty of Miek Daisy’s performance where he puts it down.

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