Third Blog Post- Useful Interruptions

Your goal this week is to build from last week’s retraction post and our class discussions to craft your own “interruption” of the Daisey script “The Agony and The Ecstasy of Steve Jobs.” (click and you get the pdf).
In short, as past of the tech/no Forum, we will perform an “interrupted” version of the original script with Alex Lyras as the actor.

Imagine you could say “time out!” during a performance of the original.  This is is your chance to add a new voice.

Write 1-2 good paragraphs, EXACTLY as they would be performed if they were part of the time out.

You should write from a “character'” viewpoint.  Good writing, even when non-fiction, should have a “voice.” (This is exactly a point in Style). In other words, whose voice needs to be added?  Ideas:

  • Yours as a student, or Apple user, or listener
  • The voice of Kathy the translator
  • Of Ira Glass or other from “This American Life”
  • Of a reporter who disagreed with Daisey’s facts.
  • Of a worker from Foxconn
  • Of a designer at Apple
  • Of Steve Jobs
  • Of an American
    Mike Daisey - This American Life

    Mike Daisey – This American Life (Photo credit: Photo Giddy)

    worker who would like to work

  • Someone else who has a stake in the story.

PLEASE feel free to include any facts, “values,” or ethical viewpoints.

PLEASE feel free to include an image- maybe a picture, maybe a figure or graph of relevant information.

I’d recommend you read it aloud to see how good it sounds.

The actual performance MAY actually include your paragraph and/or visual extras.

The best 3 will receive some sort of extra academic credit, to be determined.


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