FIrst of all, it’s not difficult to research the gun laws of China. Security guards are not permitted to carry firearms! Big mistake by Daisy, who’s mind must have been clouded by fame when performing the research to back up his lies and exaggerations.

My favorite part of this article was the fact that Mike Daisy, growing conscious of the skepticism, lied about Cathy’s name and phone number. It’s hard not to smile when discovering how easy it was for This American Life to find Cathy; simply google her (

We must keep in mind one important facet of Daisy’s career and reputation. Along with a tech journalist, he is an entertainer and an actor. Journalist love the truth, entertainers love fame. Daisy’s created a beautiful, touching monologue by exaggerating the dramas of Foxconn and presenting them as non-fiction. I also find it appalling that This American Life premiered the story after performing such a minor background check. Their security process was so lazy and flawed, it seems that anyone could have fabricated a story in order to boost their career, along with getting America to sympathize with an exaggerated cause.


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