Retraction: When the end doesn’t justify the means…

This podcast has to contain one of the most uncomfortable interviews/discussions I have ever heard. The better part of the podcast is Daisey awkwardly responding to questions about how he essentially lied to TAL, the listeners, and everyone who heard his performance. I am in a very unique position having heard this retraction, because I wrote in my last post that I deemed his monologue to be journalism. He finally comes clean that his act is simply that.. an act. I am a perfect example of the effect that this monologue must have had on the public. The numbers provided by TAL about the amount of times Daisey’s act was downloaded were staggering. It even became the most popular episode of TAL itself! I can only imagine how many people (other than myself) fell into this trap after accepting everything Daisey said to be true.

One of the biggest lies Daisey told wasn’t even in the monologue itself or about the issue with Apple. Before the performance aired on TAL, Daisey was asked whether or not his monologue was “totally, utterly unassailable by anyone who might hear it.” He provided a round-about answer that essentially was just an evasive maneuver to avoid the question (as seen in this article).  I think this is a prime example of how big of an impact the media can have on the population. Technology helps information spread like wildfire regardless of whether or not said information is valid. The guys at TAL attempted to do their due diligence in fact checking, but unfortunately were duped. Normally I consider myself to be a skeptic and always do research before blindly accepting something to be true. Despite the fact that I myself was tricked in this case, I think this podcast shows just how important it is to take everything you hear with a grain of salt. I guess I’ll just have to use this lapse in judgment as a reminder of that.

That being said, I really REALLY enjoyed hearing Daisey squirm when he was called out for being a liar. He was completely dead in the water and even seemed caught off guard. He clearly has an agenda and
somewhat of a vendetta against Apple. I understand what he means when he says he is trying to get people to care, but he put himself in the public eye, strung together sometimes unrelated events, and defamed the Apple brand. I appreciate the effort, because I believe that it is an issue that needs to be remedied. However, I don’t support the methods he used to call attention to the problem and get changes made. The end really doesn’t justify the means.


One thought on “Retraction: When the end doesn’t justify the means…

  1. I agree completely. If Daisy claims that his reading is just “an act” then he should have had some sort of disclaimer to indicate that. “Trying to get people to care” is no excuse for the lies he told. The truth of these factory circumstances would still have managed to move the public. Adding these dramatic details is a cheap way to call attention to the situation.

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