Retraction Response

I was really disappointed to learn of the “creative liberties” that Mike Daisy took in his writings.  It is beyond irresponsible of him to fabricate such details in his story.  With such important content, it is important that people know the truth– I assume that is why Daisy set out on this journalistic venture in the first place.  Lying to the American public about the injustices that surely exist in Chinese factory work does not do anyone any favors.  Not only does it cheapen the horrible experiences of these workers, but it also discredits the entire story.  Listeners are inclined to disregard entire chunks of information upon learning that even one detail is out of place.  Daisy spoiled the chance to enlighten a large number of people about the price of consumerism, and instead leaves himself with a spoiled reputation, and the point behind his performance ignored.  


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