Retraction: Apple

It is very disappointing to hear that the most powerful parts of Daisy’s “eye witness” reports were fabricated based off of things that other people have supposedly seen.  I agree with Ira in that this story should not have been run without first double checking the facts with Daisy’s translator.  Although this obvious oversight by TAL should not have occurred, the majority of the blame lies with Daisy.


When I first listened to the report, I also wondered why factory workers who could be prosecuted for their actions were meeting openly in an expensive American style coffee shop.  This being said, it is hard to argue with someone who claims to have witnessed this event personally.  While this is just one of the minor discrepancies in Daisy’s story, the important issues arrive in the accusations that he made against the factories.


The most disturbing parts of Cathy’s contradictions of Daisy’s stories were the underage workers and the neurotoxin poisonings.  Some may argue that Daisy’s over representation and lack of personal encounter with any of the underage workers in these factories was acceptable, because they do exist, but to claim that workers were being purposely and voluntarily poisoned by the factory is an outrageous and malicious statement.


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