Getting to Know You…WordPress

Some extra Blogging Homework this week.  It should be easy.

1) I want you to  personalize your user name so we know who is who.

a) Change your display name to something distinct (dos not have to be your real name).

b) Make your gravatar (the image of you) image something distinct.

Read for more.

2) Explore  I want you to go visit a previous version of this blog, listed below. In the comments to THIS POST. describe one detail or item you saw you liked.  This can be as simple as something about lay out or design to a particular theme or type of post to the use of multimedia.  Please include a HYPERLINK to what you liked.  Bonus- if you can embed your hyperlink, I’ll think you are very cool.  There are at least two ways, and one is the coolest.




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About Jordi

I am an assistant professor in the Management School at Bucknell University. I specialize in organization theory, social networks, and studying the network society. I have three children, including twins. They love bouncing on the couch, legos, music, and my waffles. My wife teaches English at the same university. I am interested in most things, but these days, networks, social entrepreneurs, the environment, innovation, and virtual worlds. Finding Hidden Abodes and Shaking Iron Cages since 1972

30 thoughts on “Getting to Know You…WordPress

  1. I personally liked the or BizGovSocii blog the best. I tend to like interesting visual displays and I liked the color combination of that blog. It was by far the most eye catching to me, probably due to the lack of a bland white background. We should make this one cooler (and get rid of the spider web…). I also enjoyed how students would post different images on the blog. Hopefully we can get creative and be able to do that soon!

  2. I liked the best out of all of them. I thought the meat of the blogging was less crowded with the extra things on the side that are probably used less than the actual responses. This blog and the other one (not the spiderweb talked about earlier) are a little crowded with the extras on the side. More room for the blog responses and maybe some cool imaging could be added to this blog.

  3. I like the idea of investing in clean water expressed in this blog . I think water will quickly become “oil” of the 21st century and the problem is nobody can claim ownership to water.

  4. I like the idea of investing in clean water expressed in this blog . I think water will quickly become “oil” of the 21st century and the problem is nobody can claim ownership to water.

  5. I really enjoyed the general format found on WordPress Codex

    The colorful format seemed more navigable than the current wordpress format. Additionally, the pictures people included in their posts perked my interest to read a couple stories.

  6. Personally I prefer BizGovSociii the best out of the options. I find it to be very well organized and I liked the color scheme. Like Roger I think the pictures on the blog add to the overall visual appearance of the page. I also like the categories section on the left side of the blog. I think it has the best overall structure of the three options.

  7. Out of the three blogs, is definitely my favorite. I prefer this blog solely because of the theme. The color scheme is easy on the eyes and the layout, I believe, is the best of the three. However, I do believe that there are much better themes available on WordPress. As a class we should all decide on one.

  8. I agree with Mike and Roger that the BizGovSociii blog is both simple and clear. It is easy to navigate and the pictures really add to the posts, making them fun and more interesting to look at.

  9. I actually think I like the best out of the three. The other two felt a little less grown-up, a little less stream-lined. Bizgovsoc2 seems to reflect the nature of the course a bit more accurately in my eyes (though it could use a bit of a touch-up – a few of the graphics are extending out of the blog posts and into the side bar). I also like the “tags” section on each of the blogs with the varying size of words.

  10. The blog that I like the best would have to be This blog as compared to the others is easy to navigate and eye-catching. I would recommend a different choice of coloring. The black boxes are a little distracting and take away from the actual blog posts, but out of the three it has the best overall layout. reminded me of a newspaper which is great for factual based blog posts, but for more opinionated blog posting, is the best choice.

  11. You all are so focused on the overall theme. I was also wondering if you like a search box, tag clouds, recent comments, how much of a post is visible on first page….


    • I’m always in favor of tag clouds, it makes it much easier to locate ‘big idea’ posts and specific topics of interest.

  12. I enjoyed BizGovSoc2 the most. I thought it was the cleanest layout and less cluttered than then the other two. It was easy to move around, see blogs, comments, etc.

  13. I love the layout of, as many people seem to have mentioned already. It seems very user friendly and visually pleasing. It also has a certain “technology” look to it. Since that is what we have focused on so far and since the business world is constantly moving towards being more technology based, it seems only fair to use one similar to that!

  14. Personally, I’m a fan of the post in about Wind Energy – specifically the cartoon about the wind mill and the fan. My family vacations in Cape Cod during the summer, and this past July I was greeted to the sight of three enormous windmills that have been built before the Sagamore Bridge. When I saw this cartoon, I had a laugh picturing a fan large enough to match the real-life windmills. I was entertained enough to take a peak at the actual blog post.

  15. I tend to like minimalist website designs, so of the three I liked the best. I find it useful for everything to be laid out in a simple manner rather than being cluttered with different colors and visuals. I find different colors and big fonts distracting, and focus better when educational blogs read more like real print text. I feel that visual displays are better to use for creative photography blogs or social media websites.

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