Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory

The podcast itself was interesting because it made think not only about the subject matter that Daisey was describing, but how that relates to my own personal relationship to products.  Daisey seemingly had an almost erotic feeling toward the Apple products.  The way he described them was in a way funny, but also creepy.  I had never heard someone speak that way about physical items before and it showed me just how powerful and revolutionary Apple really is.  The podcast was less infuriating than it was eye-opening as it made me realize how important it is to take a closer look at what is going on in countries around the world.  With that, it should make us all question not only where the products we use every day come from, but how those products are made.  I find it interesting that this is a subject that many people do not know about.  I certainly did not know much and In most of the United States Apple has a squeaky clean reputation, something that builds their brand image and keeps their profits at the ridiculously high levels that they have continued to reach.  While the story of the Shen Zhen factory is certainly heading more towards the forefront of discussion at home, it will be interesting to see where Apple goes in the future and if its brand image/sales are hurt by the bad publicity and stigma of a production operation such as this.


There is a lot more I would like to know.  For one, with the incredibly large cash holdings that Apple has, how have they not taken some of that money and improved perhaps the conditions in the factories or other things that would make it seemingly more reasonable of a way to do business.  Obviously FoxConn is its own entity but when you have people working in inhumane conditions, constant suicides, and child workers, something needs to be done.  I also want to know how Apple has been able to produce this way without having a backlash.  Do people care more about the quality and price of their luxury tech products than they do human rights?  Maybe, but it is important to note that Apple needs to take serious caution over the next decade in order to continue the level of loyalty they have reached with their customer base.


I think that we have different relationships to our products than this podcast narrator.  I use my products as a way to improve my life, my self esteem, or the efficiency of the way I do my daily living.  I do not identify my products with life-or-death happiness or as the sole hobby of my time.  Everyone has their own interests and while Apple products are certainly at the top of the heap in terms of quality, I just do not have the same love for any string of products as this man does.


One thought on “Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory

  1. In response to your question about how you think Apple will handle any outcry resulting from this “investigation”, I think that they don’t have to do anything. It all comes down to the fact that all major electronic companies are doing it. As sad as it is, all companies must follow the same practice in order to remain competitive in the market. For instance, if Apple were to move their manufacturing to the US or another first world country, the vast majority of current Apple followers would be unable to afford the products due to inevitable price jumps. I totally agree that the way Daisey describes his relationships with his Apple products is creepy though.

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