Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory


This podcast was a very interesting take on many issues in today’s society. As Americans we often forget where the products that make our lives so much easier come from. We go to the grocery store to buy food, but rarely think about the South American farmers that grew our fruits. We seldom think about the impoverished people that make our clothes. And until recently, we hadn’t given much though to where our iPhones and Macbooks come from. Seemingly duped by the engraving on the back of our phones that say “Designed by Apple in California” it was easy to forget who was actually assembling them. I think part of it is that we don’t want to know. In this case ignorance really is bliss. By ignoring the people of Shenzhen, we can continue enjoying the products we have come to love at prices only made possible by cheap labor.

I appreciated the comedic relief in the radio show, and for the most part found it entertaining and funny. That being said, Mr. Daisey painted a very grim picture of the city of Shenzhen, a city practically designed by manufactures that produces a third of all electronics we use and installs nets on their building to prevent suicide. I think Apple will have a tough time dealing with this terrible press. They have a reputation as being innovative and progressive and this puts them in a completely different light. Mr. Daisey asks the question, “Do you really think Apple doesn’t know?” and I agree that Apple, like its customers, chooses to turn the blind eye to the atrocities that they commit.

I think the author is somewhat sarcastic in his “love” for Apple products. It seems like he is even poking fun at their lemming mentality to follow Apple wherever it goes. Apple has built its empire on these so called “fanboys”, and it will be interesting to see whether this recent publicity will have any effect on their purchasing of the next shiny Apple product.

Looking forward, it will be interesting to see how the company handles it. They obviously cannot entertain the idea of a strategic change, so it is likely they will continue using sweatshop labor. I believe they need to work with Foxconn to try to improve the quality of life for their workers.


3 thoughts on “Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory

  1. Apple has already come out with press release saying they will work on improving their corporate conditions. However, there seems to be a cycle of “actions” by Apple, or any company, to address an “issue” whenever a story in the press provides them with bad publicity. However, it does not seem as though implementation is followed up on by journalists and the media so it seems as though conditions detiorate again.

  2. I had never viewed Mr. Daisey’s narration as sarcastic before your comment, but I do agree. It will interesting to see if Apple merely addresses the issue and says that they will do something as stated in the comment above or if they will simply continue along the same path. Hopefully Apple can find away to deliver the same products at similarly reasonable prices without having to sacrifice ethical production methods.

  3. The Podcast was posted over six months ago and for the last six months Apple has done nothing but climb and soar as a company. The company is strong in all areas of business including customer satisfaction. The value of the company in constantly increasing and their products continuously soar. Unfortunately I don’t think this Podcast or talk by Mr. Daisey could generate enough negative reaction to possibly make a dent in the empire that is Apple. I wish that negative press were enough to require Apple to make a noteworthy change but I think it would require much more than what has surfaced so far.

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