Add that to the Frequently Asked Questions for Siri!

This podcast is one of the few podcast I have listened to and I absolutely enjoyed it. Mr. Daisey’s introduction about his religious beliefs in modern technology is creative and relatable to our society. His voice and presentation of the story is extremely planned and detailed to allow this story to not be another “sweat shop” story (not to sound callous), but he is able to make the story personal to all and relatable to an audience. While listening to the beginning of this, I took the cover off my iphone, saw the “Designed in California, Made in China” and felt superficial for not knowing the fact that manufacturing for apple happened in China, more specifically Shenzhen (now I am going to try to refrain from constantly saying ‘China’ and finding out the specific city). For such a well respected and innovated company such as Apple, I would like to think manufacturing of Apple products would be different than its competitors and would be creative in its manner of assembly.

One of the parts of the podcast that intrigued me was a question he would ask every worker. He said he would ask if there is one thing they could change about Foxcom, what would it be. The question would continue to stun the workers because they never even had the thought that it could change, let alone what they thought about it. In US society today, it is a big part of growth in a company to implement a way to grow and become better as a whole. It is hard to comprehend a place where growth, learning, and innovation is not included in a work environment, rather a work force surrounded by nets because workers continue to commit suicide in a very public manner. That is the only way these workers feel that they can be heard.

After listening to this podcast, I started to reflect on how I feel about my iPhone. I put a case on mine and that is the most input I have when it comes to care. I think of my iPhone as just another part of my pile of “things” I need to remember to have in my hand before I go out the door in the morning. I always saw my iPhone as a clean, sleek, user friendly electronic that is a necessity. Now I can no longer see Apple, Inc. as an innovative and growing company, because if they still conform to lazy and sadly common way an American company manufactures products, they can never truly become a well rounded company.


2 thoughts on “Add that to the Frequently Asked Questions for Siri!

  1. The fact that none of the workers could even imagine a world where they would have more freedoms in the workplace is an extremely disappointing circumstance given the situations of the United States society today. Here we encourage and press for reform to make the lives of individuals better, and it is unnerving to see an account of a place where the opposite is entirely true.

  2. Apple products receive nothing but positive press. Most people either have an apple product or want one, as they are highly coveted in our society. I am interested to see how Apple will handle Mr. Daisy’s negative press on the Shenzhen factory, especially since they have yet to deal with this kind of press before.

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